Why was $6 deducted from my refund?

Pulse provides free shipping for all order sizes. When orders are returned, we deduct the $6 that it costs for the shipping in order to continue providing this service for our customers.

I don’t see where to enter my payment information?

During flash sales, please review the message alert you received, because it is likely you are added to the waitlist. If you are checking out online please see the image below for where to input your payment information:1.jpg

I am on the Wait List. What does that mean?

At the current time of the order (or by the time you went to pay for your order), your size is not currently available. Don't be discouraged though, a lot of the times, we add more stock. To get on the wait list, you have to add your credit card information and address and that will put you ‘in line” for the item if and when it becomes available. We won't actually take your money, it is just a 72 hour hold on your account. If within the 72 hour period we add more stock or somebody doesn’t pay, you will get an email saying you have received a spot in line and your order will be confirmed and go through. If it is after 72 hours and we can't fill your order, you will get an email saying the funds have been released and order has been cancelled. We are constantly adding stock to popular items and a good percent of the time you will get the item, we just can’t guarantee it. We encourage you to be on the wait list because there is always a possibility that you will be first in line to get that size if more stock is added or someone in front of you does not pay. Items do sell very fast, to by pass wait list be on Facebook at 8pm cst on Sunday and Wednesday at 9pm cst, when our Facebook Flash Sales go live.

To check your order history, by clicking this link: https://www.soldsie.com/shop/pulsesfashion


What do the pre-order ship dates/ expected ship dates mean?

We do our best to keep up with the vendors, but occasionally they do change the ship dates. We do our best to give you notice if items are delayed due to circumstances that we are unable to control. Delays don’t happen often and because of that, most of the time we are either early or exactly on time with your items.

If you have any further questions, please email support@pulsefashion.com to get more detailed information.

What is your return/exchange policy?

View the return/exchange policy here: https://pulsefashion.com/return/

Why didn’t I get an invoice?

Sometimes the emails go to junk mail or spam, so please make sure to check ALL folders first. If you still haven’t received an invoice here are some things to check:

  1. If you are a first time customer, make sure you leave your email
  2. DM message us on Facebook if you don't receive invoice ASAP.

If you still don’t receive an invoice, please click this link: https://www.soldsie.com/shop/pulsesfashion or email support@pulsefashion.com to further troubleshoot the situation.

Why isn’t my coupon code working?

For any return made, we issue online store credit. If you purchase something on Facebook flash sale, the credit is only good on the flash sale. If you purchase something on the website, the credit is only good on the website. If you would like to switch your credit to one or the other, please email support@pulsefashion.com.



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